Tijana Milutinović graduated in Contemporary Clothing Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, in 2012.


Soon after graduation, she started exhibiting her fashion collections in Belgrade Design District Shop, a major promotional space in Belgrade for up-and-coming young designers.


Joined the design team at KADET Street Nobility, an emerging clothing label born in Belgrade in 2013.  


Has been a member of RESORT Design Collective (Store), a group of independent designers from Belgrade since 2014.


Won The ELLE Style Award for Best Young Designer in 2014.

Won The TEXTIL Designer Award 2018 / 43. Belgrade Fashion Week


Through a contemporary cut, she tends to explore visible and transparent parts of reality, evoking emotions and transposing them into an aesthetic language of contemporary clothing that sometimes says something more about human nature. 


Within exploration of classic forms, Tijana Milutinović creates clothes with contemporary features which always represent/communicate the inner worlds of an individuals, but of a communities as well. The intention of clothes “speaking” in a visual/symbolical language is the ultimate goal of the author’s label.

Born in Cacak / Lucani, Serbia in 1988.


Lives in Belgrade.

photo: Dušan Grubin